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Welcome to RB Motors!! 

Here you will find the Best Deals in town in our used cars inventory! 
We Have a variety of  transportation  vehicle from economy cars, trucks,
van, suv,  luxury and sport vehicle. 
"""All taxes, registration and fees are included in final sale price"""

Looking  forward to doing business with you! 
please contact us if you find a vehicle you are interested in. 
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For sale $4500 2006 Ford Five hundred, v6, A/T, AWD, 154k miles, CD player, a/c Leather interior, nice glossy paint, pass smog, clean title, 7/2015 tags 

 For sale $3800
2003 Land Rover 117k miles, 27mpg, a/c and heat

Forsale  $4000  2007 Pontiac G6, 4cyl, 34mpg, 183k miles, automatic, a/c and heat, 9/2015 tag, smog clean title

 For sale  $3400 2003 Dodge Caravan 172k miles 3 rows 7 passenger, sliding door DVD player, CD player, keyless entry, a/c and heat nice cloth interior, smog

Forsale $1700 1996  Ford Explorer, 180k miles, A/T, a/,c cd player


For sale $2800 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse, 182k miles, 5sp, leather interior, A/c, CD p layer sunroof, Clean title, 7/2015t ag
For sale $4000 2001 Volkswagen Passat 142k miles, 4cyl, 34mpg, automatic, a/c and heat, peanut butter leather interior, keyless entry, pass smog clea 

Sold- $2500 2004 Dodge Neon, 122k miles, A/T, CD 

Forsale $2800 2003 Mitsubishi Galant 180k miles, A/T, A/c, Clean title, pass smog

2001 Chevy impala forsale $2450, 148k miles, A/T, CD player, cold a/c, clean title, 11/2015tag

Forsale $3200  2006 Chevy Impala  170k miles nice  interior, cd player, sunroof  pwr  window and lock, smog, clean title 5/ 2015 sti55K169338166

 Forsale $2200, 2001 Mazda 626,4cyl,  190k miles, A/T, pass smog, clean title, 3/2016

Forsale $4200 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix
141k miles, 28mpg, 3800  III series, cold a/c
cd player, pass smog 10/2015 tags, clean title

sold--  $2500  2002 Toyota Corolla 183k miles, 


Forsale $3500 2000 Passat 139k miles, 32mpg, At, cold, a/c sunroof, keyless entry, pass smog 6/2016

For sale $2700 1999 Nissan Maxima 201k miles, 29mpg
A/T, cold a/c, excellent paint and interior, smog, clean title

For sale $3000 1999 Nissan Altima 165k miles, 4cyl, 35mpg, cold a/c, CD player
Clean title, 11/2015 tags, pass smog



For sale $3200-Toyota Camry 178k miles, 4cyl, 32mpg, A/T, a/c clean title, pass smog

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