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2012 Chevy Malibu 148k miles. A/T, 4cyl, CD player a.c. and heat, cloth interior, cc, keyless entry, pass smog, 6/2018 tags
For sale $5500 Or $2500 down, $200 a mth for 28 mth


2008 Hyundai Sonata 200k miles, A/T, a.c. and heat, CD player, cloth interior, clean title, pass smog 6/2018 tags
For sale $3500  ok/good credit $1500 down, $200 a mth, for 15 mths



2004 Mercedes Benz 150k miles, A/T 6cyl, 26 mpg,   a.c. and heat, CD player, navigation, nice  leather interior, nice exterior, sunroof, smog, clean title
 For sale $4000  ok/good credit $1500 down, $200 mth for 18 mths

-2006 Mercedes c230 177k miles, v6, A/T 26 mpg, a.c. and heat, nice leather interior. Exterior nice, sunroof. keyless entry,Pwr lock and window. Clean title, 5/2018 tag. Pass smog   ---For sale $4400  ok/good credit $2500 down , $200 a mth for 13mths


2004 Hyundai Santa FE 110k miles , V6, A/T, 4wd, a.c. and heat, cc, pwr window and locks, cloth Interior,clean title, 6/2018 tags, smog
  For sale $3600  ok/good credit $1000 dwn  $200 a mth for 21mths


1999 Ford Windstar LX v6. A/T cloth interior a.c. and heat, clean title pass smog
For sale $1500


2007 Chevy Cobalt, coupe 146k miles A/T, 4 4cyl, 31. Mpg, a.c. and heat, CD player, cloth interior, pass smog, clean title, 8/2018 tags For sale $3000

2000 BMW  M5 185k miles, 5.0L V8, A/T, AC and heat, CD player, leather interior, 
Clean title, pass smog, 3/2018 tags
 Forsale $6500


2004 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 197k miles, A/T , A.c. and heat, CD player, cloth interior, fit 8 passenger, pass smog, clean title 8/2018
For sale $4500   Or   $1000 down, $200 a mth for 34 mths                                                                                                                                                                                                      


2004 Cadillac CTs 148k miles. 3.6L V6. A/T a.c. and heat, CD, nav, nice leather interior. Nice exteriors. Smog. Clean title For sale $4300

2005 Toyota Corolla le 230k miles, A/T A.c. and heat, CD player, cloth interior keyless entry, pwr lock and window, pass smog clean title, 5/2018 tags
                                                For sale $2600



2006 Chevy Equinox 109k mile, V6, AWD a.c. and heat, CD player.  Keyless entry, cloth interior. Sunroof.  All pwr controls, smog, clean title
 For sale $4700  Or 1200 down, $200mth for 30 mths 


2010 Toyota Camry 212k miles, A/T a.c. and heat, cloth interior, CD player, keyless entry, all pwr controls, pass smog, clean title, 11/18 tags
For sale. $5000 Or $1000 down, $200mth, for 34 mths



2005 Cadillac Cts 145k mile,  A/T, A.c. and heat, CD player, flip down dvd player, nice leather interior, pwr window and locks, smog, 5/2018 tags
For sale $4300



2006 Dodge Durango SlT, 175k miles, A/T, 4.7L V8, 
AC and heat, CC, nice  leather interior, seat 8 passengers,  pass smog, clean title, 4/2018/tags
Forsale $3500  ok/good credit $1600 down, 
$200 a mth, for 13 mths



2005 Nissan Altima 180k miles, 4cyl , 33 mpg, A/T
 A.c. and heat, CD player, cloth interior, 
pass smog, clean title, 8/2018 tag 
For sale $3400   ok/good credit $1500 down, 
$200 a mth for 16 mths


2005 Pontiac Montana, V6 , 3.4L , 137k miles, A/T. A.c. and heat , CD playr, dvd player, automatic dual sliding door, pass smog, clean title 
For sale $3500   ok/good credit   $1500 down
$200 a mth for 14mth


 2005  Nissan Maxima 109k miles, A/T, 
AC and heat, Cd player, -cloth interior
 pass smog, 4/2018 tags, clean title,
 ---Forsale $4500  or $1400 down, $200 a mth, for 23mths 


2006 Toyota Corolla 178k miles, A/T, A.c and heat, CD player, cloth interior, pwr lock and window, pass Smog clean title, 5/2018 tags,   Forsale   $4000 Or $1000 down, $200 mth, 
for 29 months 

2008 Ford Fusion 156k miles, A/T, V6, 27 mpg, CD player, a.c. and heat, cloth Interior, clean title, pass smog , clean title 12/18 stickers. For sale $3700

-2002 Mercury Mountaineer 190k miles 29 mpg, A/T, leather interior, 3rd row. cd player pass, smog
 clean title 
Forsale $2500 obo\

2005 Volkswage Jetta 158k miles  , A/t
CD play, a.c. and heat Leather interior
 pass smog, clean title
For sale $3200. Ok/good credit $1400 down 
$200 a mth for 13mths

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